The Philosophy Club

My social enterprise, The Philosophy Club (co-founded with David Urbinder), offers philosophy workshops for children and professional development for teachers. We use exceptional stories, multimedia and creative activities as a springboard for philosophical discussion. The Philosophy Club has been featured in the article Philosophy the answer for curious kids? by Amy Gray, published in […]


The Big Questions philosophy mentoring program brings philosophical enquiry to children in primary schools. Through a collaborative process, students encounter stimulating questions and develop critical and creative thinking skills that will help them in all aspects of their lives. Big Questions launched in 2013, and the following year was awarded the inaugural Prize for […]

The Philosophy Club on facebook

To showcase children’s remarkable capacity for philosophical enquiry, I curate a selection of quotes from our dialogues at The Philosophy Club. Share in the children’s curiosity and enjoy their striking insights by joining the growing audience at . . . . . .


I lead a student interest group and convene regular workshops about Philosophy for Children, offering university students unusual opportunities to meet local and international guests, observe Philosophy in schools and get involved in community projects. . . . . . .

The Thoughtful Classroom

I convened an exciting conference – ‘The Thoughtful Classroom: Teaching to overcome educational disadvantage’ – featuring high-profile national and international speakers. (Co-presented by the University of Melbourne & Federation of Australasian Philosophy in Schools Associations.) . . . . . .

Pablo Amargo

My occasional blog, Playground Philosopher, explores the potential of picture books to excite children’s curiosity. I hope it will stimulate spirited discussions and inspire other playful activities with a philosophical bent. . . . . . .


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