Big Questions

The Big Questions philosophy mentoring program brings philosophical enquiry to children in primary schools. Through a collaborative process, students encounter stimulating questions and develop critical and creative thinking skills that will help them in all aspects of their lives.

Big Questions launched in 2013, and the following year was awarded the inaugural Prize for Innovation in Inclusive Curricula by the Australasian Association of Philosophy. The prize is intended to develop more innovative approaches to teaching philosophy: approaches that present the discipline as accessible to a wide range of participants, that off-set well-known disparities of participation, and that can be expected to improve retention rates of under-represented groups in the profession.

Big Questions is unique in Australia in bringing the practice of philosophy to primary school students from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds. It represents a strategic step towards introducing the benefits of intellectual enquiry and critical thinking to communities that have traditionally been excluded from formal philosophical study.

By introducing school children to the practice of philosophy through collaborative enquiry, Big Questions inures children against widely-held negative attitudes towards philosophy, and promote the value and relevance of philosophical thinking to an otherwise overlooked audience. Big Questions builds a sense of inclusive community, encouraging wide participation and enabling all participants’ voices to be heard.








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